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Nevata NBPS100 Wiring Schemes

Cable Arrangement

Nevata NBPS100 Wiring Schemes

Nevata NBPS100 can drive up to a 7.1 amp or 170W bilge pump, whichever is less. Certain Nevatas can be used to drive a primary and backup pump, in the event of a primary pump failure. Connect the bilge pump(s) cable assembly to the pump, see below for the wire color information.

If your Nevata drives a single pump (DC cable and Pump Cable are identical):

  • Red – pump power (pump cable)/ DC power (DC cable)
  • Black – pump ground (pump cable)/DC ground (DC cable)

If your Nevata drives a primary and backup pump (Pump Cable has 4 wires):

  • Black – primary pump ground
  • Red – primary pump power
  • Green – backup pump ground
  • White – backup pump power

Review your boat’s electrical wiring to determine the best point to connect Nevata’s DC cable wiring to your boat’s DC electrical system. For some boats, it may easier to connect directly to the boat’s battery terminals, whereas others may be more suitable to wire to an electrical panel or splice existing cables.   Nevata’s DC wiring should be disconnected at this point.

Elevate the cable connections such that water immersion will not occur. These should be higher than the bilge pump at a minimum.

Once the DC wires are connected to the power source, the display should light up with “000”, followed by the firmware version installed on the device, which will show for a few seconds. There will also be an audible beep tone to indicate the device is operational.

NOTE:  Ensure the bilge pump is rated for your boat’s DC voltage

NOTE:  It is required to use an inline or panel mount fuse between the battery source and Nevata. A 150mA fuse is recommended if not using a bilge pump, otherwise see the bilge pump specifications for recommended fuse size.

NOTE:  The longer the cabling length between Nevata and the battery source, the more power loss and voltage drop that will result across the run of power cabling when operating a bilge pump. For this reason, try to minimize distance, and use a suitable gauge wire. Ensure that the voltage requirements for Nevata and the bilge pump are observed given cable size and length. 16 gauge boat cable is the minimum cable that should be used.

NOTE:  Connect the DC cable’s red wire to your positive source, and the black wire to ground.

NOTE:  You can connect a bilge pump with integrated float switch if the bilge pump contains a 3rd wire for a manual override. In this case, connect the bilge pump’s manual override lead to the bilge pump cable assembly’s red wire. Be sure to properly terminate any unused cables.

NOTE:  It is required to adhere to ABYC or USCG wiring standards depending on the type of boat being used.

WARNING:  Permanent damage may occur if the DC polarity is reversed or if the DC and Pump cables are connected to the wrong connector.

WARNING:  Use waterproof butt connectors for connecting the bilge pump and DC cable leads to ensure there is no chance of inadvertent sparks in the presence of combustible liquids or gasses in the bilge, as well as to ensure no water can enter the wire jacketing.

WARNING:  Market Spectrum, Inc® is not responsible for over-voltage and under-voltage, or reverse polarity conditions, as this will void your warranty or lead to faulty operation.