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Mounting Nevata NBPS100

Mounting Nevata NBPS100

Mounting Nevata NBPS100

Attempt to locate a mounting position over the bilge bottom prior to permanently mounting Nevata. The purpose of this is to ensure the transmitted signal is free of obstructions and provides a good solid depth measurement.

WARNING: Ensure the bilge area is dry and does not contain any liquids before performing this step.

Nevata is intended to be mounted to the bottom of a removeable floor board, and/or directly over the deepest part of the bilge compartment.

Carefully hold Nevata over the target area, and observe the displayed depth measurement.

Ensure a stable depth reading is observed over several seconds before choosing a permanent mounting location.

A depth reading of around 12 inches is preferrable for optimal performance, although Nevata will operate from 4 to about 30 inches.

NOTE:  Locate a position that does not interfere with objects such as keel bolts, and provides a true measurement to the floor of the bilge, rather than the top of a bilge pump, keel bolt, etc… The farther away from obstructive objects, the better

NOTE:  Locate a position where Nevata lies above a flat surface. A flat surface will provide the best acoustic response to the ultrasonic transducers, whereas a curved surface may reflect signals incorrectly and cause false readings.

NOTE:  An adequate distance between Nevata and the bilge floor bottom is required in order for Nevata to calibrate successfully and provide minimal configuration settings for use with a bilge pump. A minimum displayed depth of 4 inches will be required, and a maximum of 36 inches is allowed.

NOTE: The display will indicate “00” if a valid depth reading is not available, and Nevata is out of range or not receiving an adequate reflected signal. A hard shiny surface, such as a cut-out of plexiglass can be used to mount to the bilge floor bottom if the natural topology of the bilge bottom is inadequate for a reliable reflected signal.

NOTE:  A separate mounting stand may be required in some installation scenarios, which is sold separately.